With Black Hole In One, NYEP morph through a labyrinth of musical idioms that dares us to listen
between the mundane boundaries of genre.  The odd numbered tracks are instrumentals,
anchoring us to their jazz core while spinning out waves of hip hop and mutated hissings of
 rattlesnaking rock rhythms. The even numbered tracks are songs with deeply powerful lyrics that
 invoke an almost abstract folk expressionism. Bulbous bass lines bloom before our ears.
Drums bounce exclamation points at our feet. Daugherty’s daunting storytelling
 extends from his agile and curious use of the electric piano to his vocal delivery on some
serious material. This album begs us to pay attention to the world around us by digging into its
transformative changes. It's got me paying attention.
- Alberto Zayden

Party On
From Black Hole In One

Proceeds from this track will go to Earth Hour.org